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Ken Johnston

Great post. You've made a big contribution to your fellow elders. As you know, our generations didn't talk openly about sex, and especially we don't talk about elderly sex.

As a consequence, we aren't alerted often to the necessity for protecting ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Your post is a clear reminder that we must remember ourselves the very things we did our best to teach our kids.

I'm going to link to your post so my readers interested in retirement living get a clear warning about some of the dangers we don't hear much about.

Melina Papadakis

A Boomerful.com follow-up on the article above: Melina here! Our offices received a LifeStyles Sensual Kit from the good folks who sent the samples mentioned above (I'm not the lady who tried out those samples).

According to a survey commissioned by LifeStyles, U.S. women are more likely to want to have sex than receive cars, flowers, chocolates, jewelry and lingerie on Valentine’s Day. From personal experience, I'd say that's very true. Unfortunately, Dimitri's idea of a romantic evening is hamburgers and bowling!

So like I said, Lifestyles sent us their Sensual Kit, which included:

A vibrating ring.
Massage oil.
Two Warm Lovin’ Sachets, a warming personal lubricant.
Two Excite Gels, another lubricant.
12 Ultra Sensitive Latex Condoms.
12 Studded Latex Condoms.
2 Maximum Sensation Condom Discs.
One Condom Wallet.

I showed all this to Dimitri and he said, "What are we supposed to do with this stuff?"

I told him, "Think back, my darling! Use every brain-cell and try to remember a distant time when we used to get excited about each other!"

His reply was, "What? I took you out for bowling and hamburgers last week!"

So, ladies, I did not get to try out all the sexy Lifestyles stuff. Hopefully you will have better luck than me! Happy Valentine's Day!

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