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I had a lower facelift plus upper and lower eyelids done about ten years ago. Only three girlfriends were "in the know." My daughter saw me about eight days later and commented only about a bruise on the top of my cheek, "What happened, Mom." Neither of my kids (in their twenties) nor anyone else ever said a word. That is what I wanted, to look natural. Before, my neck was really full and starting to sag, and the bags under my eyes were starting to look like my dad's. Ten years later, I am still glad I had the procedure done. Five years after the surgery, I met a wonderful man and we were married two years later. He is very opinionated about plastic surgery and makes comments about people who have that stretched look - overdone. I just keep my mouth shut ... the only secret I have. If you have been thinking about it ... just DO IT.

I also have a girlfriend who is a flight attendant for an international airline. Her third facelift was done in Bangkok. She looks terrific - it is far less expensive and is done in a state-of-the-art facility by surgeons who routinely do all kinds of body changes. Apparently Bangkok is the new frontier of this kind of thing.

Nancy Nehlsen

Thanks for the helpful information! Bangkok Air stock prices are destined to soar.

sook yee

The idea of reinvigorating and brightening one’s appearance is appealing in many senses of the word. Cosmetic enhancements make it possible to obtain the essence of youth. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s “Top 5 Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures” lists Botox as the most popular nonsurgical enhancement. Over 2.7 million people were administered Botox in 2007, nearly twice as many injections as the next most popular procedure. The popularity of Botox is most likely due to a high return rate, with patient satisfaction around 97%.

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