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I admit - I did go out and get myself some leggings and now I know what to get to wear with them. Something long that covers my butt!


I don't think that there is a designer out there who specifically has a line for us boomer women over 50. You always have to go out and shop for about 5 hours to come up with a trendy outfit that doesn't make you look like a teeny bopper. And you have to improvise and really use your imagination. Fashion is too much work sometimes.

Gina Adams

You really should watch the TV show "What Not To Wear". It teaches you how to dress in style and to flatter your body type. Also, never dress like you're 50!!!!! Dress at least 10 years younger than you really are. Don't be matronly, don't let JC Penny dress you! Experiment and mix it up a bit. And please, get a fresh new hair style! If you don't you'll never look younger.


Spring?? Where is the scoop for fall? This is 2-seasons back information: did you stop updating your website?

Nancy Nehlsen

Cori -- We're always adding new articles. If you go to our main Web page, www.Boomerful.com, you'll see links to the latest stories. No Fall update was planned for the article above. But, if any Boomerful.com readers have any Fall fashion suggestions they'd like to share, we'd love to hear them!


Great advice! Now that my daughter doesn't live at home I miss hearing her say "mom, you look cute" - I value a stylish look that's not over the top.

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