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I have dealt with the discomfort and aggravation of hot flashes for several years. I finally surrendered to HRT, which stopped the hot flashes immediately. However, because of my fear of synthetic hormones I went off the treatment after 2 years and the hot flashes returned with a vengeance. Like you I often find myself in front of groups with a flushed face and a sweaty neck. The only solutions I have found are:

1.Layer your clothing so that you can easily remove outer layers

2.Drink plenty of cold water just before you get up to speak

3.Take a few minutes to do deep breathing exercises before your meeting since stress makes the flashes worse

4.Keep BioFreeze towlettes in your purse to dab on the back of your neck when you feel a hot flash coming. BioFreeze is available online and through many chiropractors. It is actually designed for pain relief, but cools enough to diminish the intensity of a hot flash.

I would love to hear remedies that other readers have found effective. Good luck and let us know how the HRT works for you.


I have not experimented with Hormone Replacement Therapy - am a little wary of doing that - however I have been practicing meditation techniques for about the last year and a half and I find that my hot flashes are less frequent. I started with basic breathing exercises and now am meditating for 30 minutes in the morning everyday. I clear my head and just let everything "be" and that has helped a lot. The only time my hot flashes turn up are now at night usually.


Here's the thing - make fun of it! Laugh it off. Yes I know when it is happening it is personally mortifying, but laugh at it. Don't focus on it - that gives it too much power. Your mind has more control over your body than you think. GREAT SITE!


I was on hormone replacement for five years for the flashes and sleep deprivation. I went off just before christmas and the flashes are back worse than ever. I am 54 years old, how much longer will this take. I have had them since I was about 46. I am considering renewing my prescription. The doctor says since I am on the lowest patch, it probably wouldn't be a problem if I continued another year but with all the negative hype surrounding HRT, I don't know what to do.

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