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Not dark chocolate but RAW CHOCOLATE!


It is also worth noting that the ingredients used in Xocai products top the ORAC table. The ORAC table measures the antioxidant value of foods. Raw cacao and the acai berry, also known as, the world's greatest super foods are found exclusively in ALL Xocai products. Researchers recommend that if we obtain on a daily basis at least 5,000 ORAC, our bodies in most cases will be able to fight off the damaging effects of free radicals, which contribute to aging, cell damage, and a host of illnesses and diseases. The ORAC value of a "single serving" of Xocai products range from 3,120 to 8,840 ORAC value! For more information on "Antioxidants" and "Free Radicals", visit http://www.gourmetchocolatenbg.com. The Xocai company is marketing its product via what it calls "The Healthy Chocolate Revolution", which is a network of home based business distributors. Anyone can join the company as a distributor or as a "preferred customer" if they want to purchase the products for themselves at discount prices. For more information regarding the home based business opportunities that Xocai has to offer visit http://www.homebasedmlmbusinessopportunitynbg.com

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