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Sherrie Mathieson

I'm theauthor of "ForeverCool", astyle "bible"ifyou will for those over 50(men and women).
I address all the issues that you've written about.
In my privatestyle consulting, I realised that this age group needs the most attention, and till recently...been largely ignored.. They are faced with physical challenges, that need to be taken seriously but not to the degree that they can't still be hip and modern. The media has a youth-oriented message, celebrity styles don't hold the guidelines this age group should aspire to, and the fashion industry is not yet really engaged In my book I try to show what works for people today, and as they age. It's important, too to understand that every person is an individual ,with their own physicality and personality, and it's so important to take that into count..

LeAnn Suzann


The Oct/07 issue of Oprah's magazine has a good article on how to care for gray hair. This is also available online at the above link. Gray hair can look very striking (and cool); most women I've talked to about it say that they get far more compliments now than they EVER got before going gray.

Darlene Jaeger


The fashion for women over 50 seems to be stuck on "Gosh, I'm not 23." What the hell is going on with fashion. I'm 72, age is not the important thing anymore. After 50 we start to realize who we are. I want fashion that states this. Not comparison. I am unique, I am powerful, I don't give a damn if a man likes me -- beautiful leg -- who the hell do you want to impress? If a guy is still looking for beautiful legs than he ain't going to look for a 50+ year old. I want swishy clothes that say Power Baby. I know what I like and I know how to get it. I want comfort so I can walk a mile to the store if I so choose. At retirement life is choice, clothes should reflect this philosophy, we don't have to please anyone but ourselves. We don't have to impress the PTA president or a boss. We are good enough. Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, let the colors run rampant or if you want to be subdued, than use just a little. But for God's sake, at 50+, women should look like a powerful goddess. Hope some fashion designer, over 50, gets some guts and puts away the little starved models. Make some clothes that shout independence, power, beauty in confident living.


I personally enjoy fashion and like to have some pieces that are trendy...I tend to accomplish this via accessories...I appreciate the input to that understated is prettier and classier...

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