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"Remember me laughing and dancing or don't remember me at all." That's what I want on my marker. Several years ago I put together my "funeral songs" on a CD and gave them to the important people in my life and made them swear they would play only those songs at my funeral. I want the people in my life to know my favorite songs and perhaps even think of me singing to those songs, dancing until my feet hurt along with a $3.00 bottle of BudLite in my hand. I don't want someone on the pulpit who doesn't know me talking about where I was born, where I attended high school etc. I want my friends talking about the stupid things I did, the "that only would happen to Lynne" things. On occasion I've thought I should open a business called Caskets and Kegs, to help people celebrate the life of their friend or relative. I too want a festive goodbye a great party. After all, I've had a pretty good time, gotten through the hard times, delt with uncomfortable issues and most importantly I have loved and been loved. So go ahead and celebrate!!

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