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This is a great blog. I have a question that I'm sure is not unique to me. At 52, I am tall and fit, broad-shouldered, small on top, firm derriere and small waist. Must I "tone down" my dressing, wear skirts to the knee, flat shoes, no midriff showing, etc. "just because" I am over 50, even though I have no rolls, bulges etc.?

Nancy Nehlsen

Vashi --

There is no reason to tone down your dressing at 52, unless you have been dressing inappropriately to this point. I would show off my assets as long as I have them. Just remember to do it in good taste or you will look like you are trying to be a teenager again. I do think bare midriffs should be limited to beach and deck wear, but short skirts can be flattering as long as your legs still look good – and it sounds like yours do.


Thanks for your response, Nancy!

Even as a teenager, I had good taste. As an adult, I have never shown my midriff in the workplace (except in the little gym in the basement). That said, I would like to show a small amount of midriff (3 inches) in public; let's say, a modest cropped top and just-below-the-waist jeans while walking around the shopping mall. I have no spare fat to hang over the jeans, whereas lots of the teenaged girls I see, are muffin-tops. Why would it be OK for them to show their fat rolls in public, while I can't show my midriff?

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