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What kind of makeup works with hot flash sweats? Everything seems to slide off, plus I turn beet red on only one side of my face!



I so enjoyed your comments and tips for makeup for over 50! Sensible advice given with a good dose of humor. Thanks.

Kim J

I'm 50 and want hands on eye makeup advice. Should I brave a trip to the make-up counter at Macy's for a demo? Or do they even know what is appropriate for older women? I also have blue eyes, and saggy eyelids, and lots of freckles. Thanks for your help!

Joni M.

Wonderful advice! I have spent the last five years buying and throwing out makeup that just made me look tired and have never come away from a makeup counter looking pretty. I just decided to wear no makeup at all but knew I needed enhancement. Especially needed the advice about watery eyes and waterproof makeup. THANK YOU!

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