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Nancy R.

Sometimes we are our own worst critic when it comes to seeing the minutiae of the bruises and bumps and lumps! Looking forward to the other video...


My girlfriend just had contour thread lift last week, i saw her on friday and she was sooooo swollen but to be fair she had fat injectons and eye job too, she said she got like 50 needles in her face and that hurt a lot but the actual thread lift only hurt a little and she is pleased overall.


I am African American and was amazed at the story I read! I almost thought it was ME! I had a little premature sagging, but for the most part I am a very attractive girl [I'm 38]I too thought for less than $2000 in a couple of days..as seen on TV..and read in brouchures.. I will be knock out gorgeous! Little did I know..after the bandages were removed 4 days later..OH MY..I thought..BIG MISTAKE! My face [too] was bruised, dented..lines you name it..I looked battered! It is the last week of school[I am a teacher!!] and my son and daughter are a part of major events this week [ones in which I have to attend!] I think I feel more embarrassed than anything else. Everyone was expecting this tight..model face. I was prettier in the BEFORE pictures! My Doctor assured me that the swelling would go down within THREE weeks[3 weeks!]the dents would smooth out..and the lines would dissappear. I can see the results 'behind' the MASK!..maybe a few years younger...however, I was expecting a different look for the summer! I still have a ways to go. Advice for those wanting a THREADLIFT..plan to be..deformed looking for a while..and I only had 4 threads! I am sure I will be a beauty in 4 months or so!!!!



I am thinking of a thread lift....How permanent are they? Someone said they only last about a year. Any comments would be appreciated. Also, I cannot find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that does them in S. Texas....


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