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Well Past 50 is the blog for A Website for Baby Boomer Women and Their Admirers

As Baby Boomer women, we have always been energetic, innovative, curious, and rebellious. We've always wanted the best in life ... and the best quality of life. So are we supposed to simply "grow old gracefully" once we hit The Big 5-0? Sorry, but we're in no rush to turn into our parents!

We want to stay active, youthful, limber ... and yes, sexy! ... for as long as possible. That means staying in touch with medical knowledge, scientific breakthroughs – and each other. It also means using a lot of common sense. Join us as we explore exciting new avenues of enhancing our health, our relationships, and our lives.

About Nancy Nehlsen, Editor-in-Chief:

Nancy has tried it all ... peels, facials, lifts, Thermage ... not to mention every conceivable diet, exercise program and spiritual experience that might keep her mind, body and spirit young and energetic well past fifty.

Nancy has raised two families, owned and operated a successful business for over 30 years, published two books, produced award-winning videos, traveled extensively, won awards for her volunteer efforts ... and she doesn’t want to give up any of it!

If you are a Baby Boomer woman or one of their admirers, check out Nancy’s insights from her personal experiences as she continues her search for – not eternal youth – but continued beauty, energy and productivity (not to mention a great sex life!).


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